EIO Fidelity is a merchant of crude oil and refined oil products. Since our inception, we have differentiated ourselves by committing to build long-term business relationships and providing innovative trading solutions. By combining our regional market knowledge with global logistics, we have earned a reputation for reliably acquiring, marketing and moving energy commodities from areas of excess supply to those with the greatest demand.

While EIO Fidelity remains a physical trader at its core, we are striving to strategically invest in upstream, midstream and downstream assets to create a platform for international expansion. Today, EIO Fidelity plays an important role in helping to smooth worldwide energy markets. We source crude oil and refined oil products from the United States, and work with global financial institutions and global strategic partners across Asia-Pacific, the Americas, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Energy is the foundation for the development and modernization of developing societies. Our strategy is to empower the local ecosystem to contribute to the development and enhancement of a better standard of living.

Our local knowledge and global reach provide greater control over commodity sourcing and distribution, and gives us a significant competitive advantage in the worldwide marketplace.