Agribusiness covers all the value-added activities that link raw materials required for agricultural production to products and services that satisfy the demand of end-users and consumers of agricultural products.


Nitrogen fertilizers are produced from natural gas and air. Our task is to optimize the contribution of fertilizers to the improvement of yield, quality, soil conservation, farming income and food security, while minimizing the negative impacts on the environment.

We have access to approximately two million metric tons (2 MMT) of fertilizers annually via relationships with the largest fertilizer production plant in United States.

Single superphosphate (SSP) was the first commercial mineral fertilizer, and it led to the development of the modern plant nutrient industry. This material was once the most commonly used fertilizer, but other phosphorus (P) fertilizers have largely replaced SSP because of its relatively low P content. Nevertheless, SSP is available as well as several blends of fertilizers. Customized fertilizer formulas can be produced to meet customers’ orders including nitrogen-based fertilizers.


EIO Fidelity supports the Agribusiness ecosystem by providing fertilizers that aid farmers maximize yield, profitability and to deliver compelling value to the end consumer in a responsible and eco friendly manner