• Asphalt/Bitumen  – used for roads and roofing
  • Lubricating oils – used to minimize friction, heat and wear between mechanical parts. The most common type of lubricating oil as they are an inexpensive by-product of oil refining.
  • Waxes – can be used in candles, foods (chewing gum and cheese wrapping), cosmetics and in waterproof coatings


After the refining of crude oil process, certain products go on to be used in the manufacturing of petrochemicals. Naphtha, components of natural gas such as butane and by-products (ethane and propane) are known as feedstocks and undergo a process called cracking to create new products.

These products are the building blocks of the petrochemical industry and are further processed until products like plastics, detergents, and synthetic fibers are produced.