We channel our vision and strategy into positive change that motivates others worldwide.

EIO Fidelity operates across many commodities, markets and geographies. When we expand our supply chains into new territories, we bring our sense of responsibility to our staff, our partnerships, and to the communities we work in.

We have adopted a holistic and consistent approach to developing and monitoring the progress of our local engagement programs.Building constructive relationships with local stakeholders is crucial to the success of our business and community projects.

Our projected programs would be inline towards accelerating progress on a number of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We encourage and support our people to propose and lead suitable programs, and in turn empower them to develop new skills that will enrich their lives. Our goal is to invest in a wide range of outreach programs that promote the wellbeing and prosperity of communities that our people care about.

Ethical Conduct

EIO Fidelity is committed to a high standard of ethical conduct. It has implemented a policy where employees may, in confidence, raise concerns about possible corporate improprieties in matters of unlawful activity, policy or practices, suspected fraud, corruption, dishonest practices or other matters. There are also arrangements in place for an independent investigation of such matters, and for appropriate follow up action where necessary.

Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

Personal safety and accountability are at the center of how EIO Fidelity’s operates, and we have a responsibility to our employees and contractors to ensure their health and welfare, especially those working in the vessels and other industrial settings.

We have worked with numerous work forces and in various capacities to develop a set of expectations applicable to all our operating sites, and allowing all entities to work along the same standards.

It is the policy of EIO Fidelity, in planning and executing our business activities to:

  1. Use the safest means to prevent injury, ensure the safety and health of everyone directly or indirectly involved in such activities.
  2. Plan the activities to prevent any negative effect on the environment.
  • No work is carried out when the safety and health of workers cannot be reasonable guaranteed.
  • All our workers would be adequately briefed on the importance of this policy and must comply with the policy.
  1. All workers/sub-contractors of EIO Fidelity have been trained to:
  • Be HSE conscious
  • Protect their health and that of others in the course of doing their job
  • Prevent any negative effects on the environment.
  1. All jobs/activities must comply with EIO Fidelity HSE policies before such jobs/activities are executed.
  2. Adequate provisions have been made to cope with any probable incidents that may occur.