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EIO Fidelity

EIO Fidelity is a dynamic Commodity Trading House engaging in the trade of crude oil and petroleum products including petrochemicals, gas, agricultural products, and biofuels. At EIO Fidelity, we take pride in being efficient, socially responsible and cost effective. We use our expertise and logistical networks to distribute solid, liquid and gaseous commodities to our costumers around the world.


Although trading in commodities has been done for centuries, however it has evolved with international standards, various jurisdictions’ regulatory and statutory requirements. They are governed in various countries by an array of departments, ministries and agencies. In executing a trade efficiently, we obtain the required licenses and permit or seek out partnerships that allows for a smooth transaction.


Actively trading commodities such as Crude oil, Petroleum and Agricultural products including gasoil- diesel fuel, kerosene, Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) and other Petrochemicals. Agricultural products for various industries including Biofuels – maize, palm fruit, cassava, sugar, rice cocoa, and fertilizers for cocoa. Plans are afoot to extend activities into flour, canned products, poultry feed, as well as haulage.

Currently, EIO Fidelity, a well-diversified trading house, operates the largest maize storage facility in West Africa, and it is about to begin the first Warehouse Receipting System in Ghana and Nigeria. The Warehousing system will allow farmers to store their products and use the storage receipts as collateral for loans.

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