Bringing Local African Products To The Global Market

EIO Fidelity is a premier global commodities trading house that provides expert coverage of the industry sectors that matter most to you and your business. This comprises of various commodity trades, including Crude oil, Agricultural and Petroleum Products.



EIO Fidelity’s goal is to make a difference in meeting energy needs. We seek explore, produce and develop oil and gas resources in globally and to deliver long-term value to all our stakeholders. 

With onshore prospects in Nigeria, and Gabon, we are venturing into a broad portfolio of reserves and play types, applying innovative technology and developing niche technical solutions to maximize our hydrocarbon potential.



As part of EIO Fidelity’s integrated business, Downstream plays a strategic role in enhancing the value of our petroleum resources, transforming it into high-quality, value-added products for the domestic and international market.

We are involved in the full spectrum of downstream activities through our operations partnerships with refining, trading and marketing of crude oil and petroleum Products.

Manufacturing and marketing of petrochemical products. Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) processing and transportation. Regasification, utilities marketing. Power generation, as well as the provision of technical and engineering solutions via our partnerships.

With our vision of becoming a ‘merit-based high performing business’ we are committed to deliver on details that matter to our customers, while ensuring that our operations are managed in a sustainable and safe manner. 


EIO Fidelity manages hectares of cassava, maize and oil palm farms, which in turn are traded globally to clients in the biofuels industry. Agricultural (Ag) markets are now all connected to crude oil markets via energy, with biofuels having grown to a point where their demand has a significant influence on Ag prices. 

As a result, producers, processors and end-users of agricultural products understand the drivers of the petroleum market. In return, the oil industry is getting acquainted with the agricultural sectors that provide the biofuels they are mandated to blend.

The attached report from LMS International, explains the complex relationship between crop and crude oil markets and helps would help our clients to develop plans to manage the impact of changes in the oil price on agriculture.



Commodity Financing


Partnering with other organizations, EIO Fidelity assists local farmers to gain access to funding, training, machinery, storage and access to both local and international markets. EIO Fidelity works to maintain the integrity of local markets while promoting an international standard.

Supply Chain Management & Logistics Services

At EIO Fidelity providing consistent high quality products is just half of our commitment to our customers. We also strive to provide optimum solutions, be it in the area of planning, processing or distribution. Our close relationships with our internal partners, suppliers and service providers, enable us to coordinate activities and provide integrated logistic solutions tailor made to our customers’ needs. We are always open to suggestions and are ready to address any of their individual concerns.

We deploy the following facilities to cater to the needs of our customers:

  • A marine command center, providing safety vetting of all vessels.
  • A west Africa regional planner for bulk shipments.
  • Procurement of logistics solutions.
  • Providing customer service from the enquiry stage until order completion.
  • Booking vessels according to customer requests.
  • Integration of customer supply-chains.

Collateral & Risk Management

EIO Fidelity provides collateral management services. Serving as a third party to take and monitor collateral pledged under a loan agreement, so that in the event the borrower defaults, the lender can collect on the collateral owed. Today, collateral management has become common with derivative agreements with the advent of ISDA (International Swaps and Derivatives Association), which puts out standardized contracts and standard collateral management practices stated therein. 

As a collateral manager, EIO Fidelity serves a variety of functions, most importantly credit enhancement. By agreeing to post collateral and thereby reduce the lender’s total exposure or default risk, a borrower is able to borrow at lower rates than they would otherwise receive.

In instances when products are on consignment, EIO Fidelity as a third party manages the integrity of the transaction while remitting funds to the seller.